Lexington Attractions

The Horse Capital of the World

Before the Europeans settled in central Kentucky, the region was home to grazing herds of buffalo. The Iroquois Indians called the area the “meadow land” which became the origin of our state's name 'Kentucky'. In the 19th century central Kentucky's meadow lands reminded some immigrants of their home in the British Isles - so many settled here and brought their love of horses with them. Soon thoroughbred breeding, trading and racing became a primary enterprise in the Lexington area. In the first Kentucky Legislative Assembly a bill was introduced by Daniel Boone for "improving the breed of horses" and eventually Lexington gained the reputation of being the “Horse Capital of the World.” 

  • The Thoroughbred Center


    Built in 1969, the Thoroughbred Center is located just outside the city limits of Lexington, on prime central Kentucky farmland.


  • Old Friends


    Old Friends is “a Kentucky facility for retired thoroughbreds,” a place where equine champions can live out their remaining days with dignity. 


  • Thoroughbred Heritage Horse Farm Tours


    Experience why Kentucky is world famous! These tours take you through the heart and soul of Kentucky's beautiful Bluegrass Horse Country

  • Keeneland


    Founded on October 15, 1936, Keeneland is a one of a kind Thoroughbred racetrack and an auction company. 


  • Kentucky Horse Park


    The Commonwealth of Kentucky purchased this property in 1972 and opened the Kentucky Horse Park to the public in 1978.